To you who vote

Why take an interest in AAU election?

Rector Per Michael Johansen from Aalborg University Per Michael Johansen, Rector, AAU

The best solutions to the challenges we are facing are found when staff, students and the management work together.

By voting in the AAU elections, you have an influence on who represents you on the University Board, councils and committees at AAU and thereby a voice in the decision making processes about important issues such as diminishing university funding and increased political demands and expectations.

At the same time, you help provide backing for the candidate who best represents your voting positions and who will bring them into play in the right forums.


What is AAU's eligible bodies?

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    PhD committee

    For each faculty, a PhD committee has been set up for the doctoral school. The PhD committees help to ensure the influence of PhD students and the academic staff on the scientific and academic aspects of PhD programmes. The PhD committees advise the head of doctoral schools on matters presented by the head; furthermore, the committee may also comment on matters of significance to doctoral school activities, which the committee considers to be relevant.

    The responsibilities of the PhD committees include:

    1. Recommending the composition of assessment committees to the Dean
    2. Approval of PhD courses
    3. To prepare proposals for internal guidelines for the doctoral school, including PhD supervision, to the head of doctoral school
    4. To comment on the evaluation of the PhD degree programmes and PhD supervision, including international evaluations of the doctoral schools, to the head of doctoral school
    5. To approve applications for credit transfers, including advance credit transfer, and for exemptions.

    The number of members of the PhD Committees shall be determined by the Dean, and the board must consist of a minimum of six and a maximum of 14 members. Two of the members shall be elected by and among the PhD students, whereas the other members shall be elected by and among the academic staff. The representatives of the academic staff shall be elected for four-year terms, whereas representatives for the PhD students shall be elected for one-year terms. Upon recommendation by the PhD committees, the chairs and the deputy chairs must be approved by the deans. The recommended chairs must be one of the academic staff members of the committee and the deputy chairs must be one of the PhD students of the committee.

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    Study board

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    Academic council

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    Department council

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    University board