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To you who vote

How do I vote?

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    Acces the e-voting system

    Voting for AAU Election 2019 is from 25 November at 9:00 AM until 28 November at 14:00. You access the election system via the link below. You may experience problems if you are registered with your temporary national ID number/registration number. Please contact Election Support and they will correct it - also if you experience other problems connected with login or the right of voting.

    Vote here


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    Support – e-voting system

    The voting is carried out in secret and conducted electronically. In order to access the electronic Election System you must log on via Aalborg University´s Access Control, where access may be obtained using username and password. 

    Having logged on, you will be able to see which sub-elections you are entitled to vote at. If you click on the link to the right of each individual sub-election, an electronic voting paper with lists and candidates will appear. For each sub-election, one vote may be cast. Use the mouse to cast your vote by marking the desired list or candidate or marking the category ‘blank’. Once you have cast your vote for a given sub-election, it cannot be changed. It is, however, possible to vote at one or more sub-elections, log off and then return to the voting system at a later point to complete your voting. Voting is not conducted at elections designated as electoral truces or cancelled elections.

    If the electoral register or any voting paper displays voting rights to a wrong sub-election or displays other candidates than expected you must contact the Election Support.

Why take an interest in AAU election?

Rector Per Michael Johansen from Aalborg University Per Michael Johansen, Rector, AAU

The best solutions to the challenges we are facing are found when staff, students and the management work together.

By voting in the AAU elections, you have an influence on who represents you on the University Board, councils and committees at AAU and thereby a voice in the decision making processes about important issues such as diminishing university funding and increased political demands and expectations.

At the same time, you help provide backing for the candidate who best represents your voting positions and who will bring them into play in the right forums.


What is AAU's eligible bodies?

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    Study board


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    Academic council


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    Department council


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    University board