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To you who stand for election

How do I stand for election?

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    Approved candidates

    You can now see the approved candidate lists and candidates for the ordinary election 2019.

    At the overwiev of the candidates it is marked, which elections will be held with voting (contestet election) and which elections that are already settled (uncontestet election) because of too few candidates. 

    The contested elections are marked with grey colour. The elected candidates are underlined.


    Scientific staff ( electoral group 1)


    Technical-administrative staff (electoral group 2)


    Students and PhD Students (electoral groups 3 and 4)

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    You stand for election by submitting the online candidate application in the election system from 10 - 29 October, 2019, 12:00 AM.

    Submission of your candidate application

    Guide to online candidate application 


    You have to stand for election on a candidate list whether you are one or more candidates on the list.

    Please note that the business language in the governing bodies at AAU primarily is danish. 

    If you have futher questions regarding the online candidate application please contact the Election Secretariat.

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    Below you will find the approved electoral pacts for the AAU Ordinary Election 2019:

    Body Name of the pact

    Candidate lists and candidates in the pact

    The University Board,
    election group 3
    Den Demokratiske Liste

    Frie Borgerlige Studerende:
    Christian Grann Johansen

    Frit Forum (coordinately):
    Pierre Guldborg
    Stine Mie Stausgaard

    #StopBesparelser /#EndAusterity:
    Mathias Albiero Guldborg

    The Academic Council of
    The Faculty of Social Sciences, election group 3
    POLIS-ØF POLIS (coordinately):
    Michelle Cederstrøm Christensen
    Tommy Kloster Duch Eriksen
    Jacob Werner Kragh Hansen

    Økonomernes Forening ‐ ØF (sideordnet):
    Mads Tomra Nicolaisen
    Asger Dalsgård Nielsen
    Anders Ulrik Thysted


What do you do in AAU's eligible bodies?

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    Academic council


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    Department council


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    Study board


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    University board